It seems that everything comes at once. Last week I realized, with a sudden and ferocious lurch of my heart, that I had to get smokin on Spring 2011 designs. I also went into production for Fall 2010 which meant forking out a ton of money and worrying about deadlines and orders. Just as my creative brain was supposed to become active, my business brain pounced on it and tore it to shreds. I go into the studio and my heart starts racing and I can not relax, I can not access my inspiration, I can not be patient with myself. Before I have started I am panicked that I am not done. And here comes the Friends of Filly Tour... Agh! I mean, Aaah! I mean, holy shit my body is freaking out! I can not swallow correctly and my chest is constricted, my breathing shallow, my tummy filled with air and tight and uncomfortable. So last night I ran away from a party in my own house and found refuge at Luke's. He made a huge jar of chamomile tea, gave me a squirt of Rescue Remedy, and proceeded to massage my jaw, throat, and upper ribs with almond oil for 45 minutes. When his legs had fallen asleep and he really had to pee, he gently rolled me to one side, tucked me in, and turned out the light. Behind every good woman there is a good man.