I know, this image is the opposite of being on Facebook, and much more enjoyable. BUT I am here to talk about social networking. This has been hard for me to embrace. I don't totally get it. Maybe it's because I'm 36. Maybe it's because I'm reserved. All I know is that I have avoided anything more than a shallow relationship with the site. But Filly is ageless and outgoing and so she has started her own Facebook page. I spent the morning with my dear friend Ayni receiving a Facebook 101 tutorial. I hoped nobody could hear us at the table next door. And then I heard them talking about Facebook and friends and links and I didn't feel so silly. Facebook. Facebook. I really want to see that movie coming out that explains how this whole phenomena got started.

Anyway, it would be cool if you wanted to go to the Filly page and "Like Filly". I don't know, Ayni said I didn't need to explain it. You would already know what to do. Okay, I feel totally out of my comfort zone. Bye.