Weddings are not my cup of tea. All that love stuff seems sooo over the top and sooo overplayed that I want to distance myself from it all. Eeew, Yuck, Okay we get it. The very last thing I am looking for is to couple up. I want to be asked to dance by a stranger, I want to take a long walk, and I certainly want to fall asleep in my own bed, alone. I am repelled by togetherness. But not at this wedding. Luke was everything I could have asked for on that day. He was very aware of my conflicted relationship to the dress and did everything he could to soothe my nerves. He poured me some wine and held my glass until I was ready for a sip. He listened patiently to an endless stream of concerns pouring forth during the ceremony and simply squeezed me tighter and recommended, for the zillionth time, to let it go. He picked out the best stuffed bird to take home and watched my back while I ran to fetch it during the cake cutting. He laid by my side in the hammock while everyone else was dancing and was just as giggly and crazed as I was about our score. And just as the band was really gearing up and the wine was really flowing and all the men had started smoking cigars... he agreed that it was time to go. He is one part lover, one part friend, one part parent, one part child. And this is why he is perfect.