I scored one of those wonderful stuffed birds. And of course it was an amazing wedding. The highlight? Arriving and asking for the bride. At first I was given a look like, You will see her when she walks down the fuckin aisle, but after a brief explaination I was ushered inside. A nod and a smile to Suniti but not too much talk. I was there as a representative of my trade. I washed my hands and got to work smoothing, snapping, creasing, and tugging the fabric so that it hung as intended. I even brought a little leather satchel with my sewing supplies and was about to add a few more hand stitches to the bodice when we were told the show would go on in 5 minutes. Those last minutes were better spent between lovers and I made my exit.

Luke said I was flushed and tense when I came downstairs. And I was! I was so nervous! And this is why I struggle with wedding dresses. Because here she comes, and the crowd turns to take her in and they see the most beautiful version of Suniti and everyone is glowing from their hearts and radiating love and admiration toward her... except one woman who is having a serious breakdown at the sight of a wrinkle. By the end of the night, and it actually took that long, I was relaxed enough to realize I was very tired. And so my handsome date and I gathered our dishes and slipped away. And I said to myself, for the fourth time, You are done. And I think I mean it!