The dress is completely done. And off it goes to the dry cleaners for a final cleaning and crisping. After weeks in my hands, despite my attempts top be extra extra careful, the dress was grimy and terribly wrinkled. Days before the wedding I get a call... Um, Hi Emily this is Abe from Abe's Dry Cleaners. I have good news and bad news. The good news is that the dress cleaned up real nice. The bad news is that the underskirt didn't fare too well. You might want to come and take a look."

This was my first experience with a dry cleaner. Filly pieces are wash and dry and now I realize what a necessity that is! These places are too be avoided! Just seeing what a chemical cleaning did to a once full tulle petticoat is enough to scare anyone away. It became a shriveled ball tightly griping the underbelly of the dress. It was even sharp in places! Thankfully I was able to remove and replace the underskirt, wrinkling and dirtying the dress only slightly (sigh) in the process. And so, for the third time, I hear myself say, You Are Done.