I have a sister. (Okay, we know) But really, she is worth talking about again. Gimmie just a second, I am crying. These are tears I normally save for tragic love affairs. But really, is this relationship any different? My heart races as she makes her way to my door. And then she is here and I am off the world! Everything that was my life recedes and becomes irrelevant. Love. She is calm, she is understated, she is a slow builder. She leaves me wanting more. When she is looking at me I have it all, in the next second she is distracted and needed elsewhere. Away. And so away she went, last night, nine hours to her home in the mountains. And I wake with a bit of relief that I can focus once again on my life and responsibilities. And yet I can't wait to see her again.

They say girls marry their father. What does it say about me that I look to marry my sister?

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