This one had a few rules and regulations. "Clothes Swap! Attend ONLY IF YOU GOT GOOD SHIT TO GET RID OF."

A handful of steely-eyed women gathered around the pile. There were truly terrible items (where do the I've-always-been-ugly jeans come from?) but overall the pickings looked much better than usual. Tension, unbroken by the offering of popcorn and berries. Someone makes a move before the bell. It has begun. Go go go!

This was a good one. Cheating! A few fights! Lines were drawn and lines were crossed. Themes emerged... seagull, lesbian, dreadlocks. And major scores were had: Maggie- maroon pants. Natalie- peach wool dress. Kenya- turquoise wool button up. Polly- coarse wool cardigan. Allison- light grey felted sweater. Chloe- embroidered blouse. Sarah- wife jeans. Me - short-sleeved gray sweatshirt. Adam Davies- Deerfield tank.