Okay, if I am going to do this Friends of Filly tour idea, I need to start small. Because ultimately, I don't like driving. So what if I started with a baby tour in my neighborhood. Olympia - Seattle - Bellingham - Settle again - Salem - Corvallis - Eugene - Portland.

Lets go over the idea again. I host an event in Santa Cruz called Friends of Filly. At these events I lay out piles and piles of Filly clothes. Everything from the latest collection to pieces from as early as Spring 2007. A Filly tasting. A variety pack. Everything is priced very friendly. And ladies come over, try stuff on, nibble on chocolate, see old friends, and generally have a blast. It is a very unusual and comfortable way to shop, and especially cool for me because I get to meet my customers and see the clothes on bodies! It is sorta like an Avon party and like any good Avon party, we need a host house.

So my question is... are you interested in hosting a FOF in your home? As the host, you would receive a free Filly item of your choice...

Cities that need a host: Olympia, Salem, Eugene, Corvallis.

E-mail me if you can host!