I am really enjoying myself right now. Taking pleasure in just doing the next thing. Gently flowing from one interest to another. Careful not to write anything down. No list of To-Dos, especially if it means jotting down "gardening" or "buy a house". Just easing down the road and trusting, challenging as that can be, that it will all get done. The list of responsibilities is never cleared. It is never exhausted. I will never say "Ahh, and the last thing finally gets crossed off!" crumple up the paper and throw it aside. No, the list just grows as I grow. So I am going to stop seeing a list and instead see a swirl of options, each one offering me a new experience. You know, organic productivity.

So when I come across images of hand-built houses, I don't run to the computer and search Homes For Sale. I let the idea of intimate rooms with loft and day beds gently seep into the folds of my mind. And I know that the space I create will be an expression and expansion of all the beautiful places of the world I have seen and admired.

Wow. I sound super trippy. Maybe I am a hippy. I've always wanted to be someone that has a pantry and a house smelling of stored grains and quilts. Hmm.