Done. With designing. With shipping. With being inside and filled with those Filly thoughts. After a very early yoga class Wednesday morning I began driving east. 9 hours. Not even a tape player and the radio offers religious programming 90% of the time. Silence. Except for Bello's snores and my reactions to his farts,  "Geez Bell. Rank."

Heading toward my sister and the beloved beings that surround her. Nathan, Bella, Xi, Echo, and Henry the dog. I imagine my life slowing down yet another notch. Down to number 3 on the dial. There was a time I was running at 8 or 9- packing it in, pushing my body, letting my mind race, eating rapidly and without thought, impatient with everyone including myself. I wanted to live more and more "fully". But I could not fill myself up no matter how I tried. Sometime in the last month I realized life's value lies in the day itself, not the manipulation of it. The day passes. That is the tragedy and it trumps whatever I did or did not do. Right now I am truly content to sit and listen, to notice and appreciate this day behind the wheel.