You know you are at the end of a long and solo process when your dearest companions are a stack of books, including not one but three journals covering the last nine years.

4-8-01: "We leave for Europe on Tuesday. I'll be there 1 1/2 months. I miss Bello already. Amy had a dream where she and I were staring at each other through a hole in Josh. I gave him a mohawk today. Bikes and Europe. Oh my gawd."

5-8-03: "Went to the CCAC fashion show tonight. I am done! Josh is coming up to get me and take me home!"

3-1-06: "The day I should be shipping my first delivery. BUT as befalls most new designers the manufacturer isn't done. So tomorrow I will ship."

5-10-08: 'I am sleeping in jeans to stretch out the upper thigh. So tomorrow up earlier. Oatmeal, paint here and the studio, desk search, square dance? Signed up for Shaun Deller's tracking class. I can't believe I did that. I like it in Portland! Despite the rain. Took a bath with a j, cried a little. These jeans feel terrible."

4-8-10: "Sunset. Bluffs. Out in a sunny hailstorm earlier. Twice. Completed a jumpsuit. A mechanic's suit actually. 3 days and many adjustments. Head down. Hopefully Filly can drive herself. Really I just work in the studio right now. Talked to Josh. I feel dry, shallow, scratchy, acrid. Like chapped lips. I am wrung out. Almost done. Writing with mittens."