Taxes! This was the first year taxes were fun. I got to hang out with Emily. I got to sign my name, with a grand flourish, on many documents that looked really official but that I did not have to fill out. AND I barely owe any money.

This "appointment" was another example of how weird Portland is. Everyone is the same age (if "the same age" references similar lifestyles instead of time on the earth). Everyone can meet in a coffee shop in the middle of the day. And everyone has chickens. Has this happened before? A crushing influx of aligned young adults take over a city. Can we support each other's entrepreneurial zest? Can we all work part-time? Will we really keep eliminating car lanes for bikes lanes and MAX lines? What about another Farmer's Market, an Urban Farmers Collective, an Educational Future Farm, and your own plot brimming with veggies? How about affordable big-boned houses with wrap around porches? And dogs don't have to be leashed on city streets! What will this experiment look like in years to come? What does it say about the future when even the taxman is beautiful?