My friends. What a relief. I can put to rest my scorching need to be productive, and just sit, listen, have a glass of wine, and share soup. Sometime after 1am we finished Godfather 2 and said our goodbyes. One ambled next door to her tall bed and soft-voiced prince. One called to her kitty and settled upstairs in a room of white. One tied tightly her scarf and rode steadily, tennies getting wet, to a delicate man pretending to be asleep. Two stood in the doorway and stared down the rain, turned up their collars, and walked in compatible silence to their large house and richly smelling bedrooms. I helped Bello up the stairs, slipped into newly laundered sheets and opened to the last pages of Dillard's fine work; "I am here now, with this my own dear family, up here at this high latitude, out here at the farthest exploratory tip of this my present bewildering age."