Winterum is an experiential learning week at Catlin Gabe Highschool in Portland. Students design a class and "explore activities outside the regular curriculum". My Tuesday night sewing student Mary Bishop planned one called "Portland Fashion Week: In March!". She wanted to visit and learn more about the local fashion industry. Yesterday morning my home filled with twelve polite and attentive teenagers. We drank hot chocolate and talked fashion. I showed them my studio in its full state of mid-collection disarray.

It felt good to represent the"fashion designer" career and I liked seeing myself through their eyes. What were their expectations? Did I cause them to be more or less interested in designing clothes? Did I remove a little of the myth, a little of the false glamor? Did I add hope that you can design clothes and still be yourself? There is the job title and then there is the daily enactment, the daily routine. You're still you no matter what career you choose. It is more important that the career fit the you than the other way around.

After they left I cooked garbanzos and made vinegar coleslaw. I walked Bello. I made a trouser. I walked Bello again. Later of course I put on 4" heels, a daring mini and hit the premiers.