The process of patterning and sewing a collection is short and intense and results in phone calls going unreturned and Saturday nights alone in the studio. In many ways it is a tedious endeavor. It requires discipline. It requires my focused attention. It requires my time. It is challenging to keep working the piece until it is right, to stay in the studio when it is beautiful outside, and to keep my mind from wandering to love and houses and food and anything but how to get the collar to fold. My back aches from bending over and twisting toward the sewing machine. I am lonely. I am bored by This American Life and NPR and all my music.

But I am also amazed, time and again, how satisfying it is to make something out of nothing. This morning I came into the studio, coffee in hand, and began drawing out the skirt... tonight I added a new and strange little sleeve, which needs to be adjusted but looks pretty good. A dress. By the end of next week I will be done with Fall 2010 and it will be sent off to be dyed and photographed and shown to buyers. How strange that tonight's dress will one day be yours. The dress you slip on one grey and chilly fall day.