I have one sibling and I adore her. Natalie. You could say I am obsessed. I want to talk to her everyday. I need her opinion on everything. I consider her to be the greatest beauty. She is intelligent, educated, emotional, flawed, and perfect. And her daughter, Echo held a conversation between Joe, a physically-challenged GI Joe, and a white plastic unicorn. It went like this:

Unicorn: What kind of person are you JOE!!?? What kind of person ARE you? (angry)

Joe: Well, I’m a cocker. I’m a cocker didn’t you know. (deep voice, perfectly calm)

Unicorn: No I don’t know. And I don’t want to know! (livid)

Joe: Then don’t know. (slightly peeved)

(Unicorn stomps off)

(Unicorn returns)

Unicorn: Actually I DO want to know.

Joe: Ok…I’m a cocker.

Nat is an amazing parent. It is no happy accident that Echo, at age 2 1/2, is such a firecracker. Check out her parenting blog to get the full story. http://talkfeeleez.wordpress.com/