My horoscope: Notice in the next five months your thinking becomes happy, optimistic and makes sense of previous life questions and behaviors of others. You will shift from vague criticism and cynicisms to realizing intentions for goodwill bring grace and goodness to all interactions. You’ll realize everyone’s doing their very best and then help others who’ve lost their way. Begin writing (journaling, blogging) in earnest. You have something important to say.

I couldn't find my journal last night so I woke up without a sense of my day. No To-Do list already thought out. So hey, I got up. I went through the motions of a morning. I cut out a pattern. I walked to the store for nothing much. And now I am alone in the studio with fabric pieces staring at me, "Please put me together." I am putting myself together after a tough week. Just more of the same really. I am sensitive and my feelings get hurt. Which is not fair to anyone. So here you go self, you want to go to yoga at 5:30 and then down to First Thursday with Yellow Sarah? Would you like that? Yes I would.

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