I am going to keep track of what I do each day this week and how I feel inside. Okay. Today.

Well, I went to bed last night feeling shitty. I think it had to do with the PSU art lecture by George Kuchar. I liked his personal shorts but his feature-length, student collaborations made me want to kill someone. When I got to the dinner party I ate three pieces of cake to feel better and I don't eat wheat so I felt much worse.  And other stuff last night caused me to fall asleep with heavy sadness and wake with dull heartache. Not the best start.

Rose at 7:30 and immediately got dressed. Sometimes I keep the pajama uniform on for a bit while I feed Bello, collect eggs, start the coffee and do yoga. Walked to Albina Press and journaled. Biked to a yoga class (I have $100 in trade at People's Yoga), and now here I am, second cup of coffee in hand and a big jar of pep tea. I'm going to sew another Spring 2010 sample, walk to the grocery store at 3pm, and drive to my class at PCC tonight where we will sew assignment #2- high-waisted, side zip trouser. When I get home I'll have to finish up the sample before going to bed.

I don't feel happy today. I feel remote. Lets see if that changes by bedtime... and what event, mood, epiphany will cause the shift.

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