The first time around- buying and rebuilding and expanding a piece of property. Josh was a confidant young man. At the age of 23 he purchased a large lot with two small cabins. One structure was inhabitable, having been remodeled in the seventies. The other structure was not. It had not been occupied for decades and was basically a scary, dark, barren shack with very few windows, and in complete disrepair. This was our future home and Josh set in on putting the old house back together. He had help. His friends moved into the livable  house and the trailer in the back and everyone got to work. Out came the concrete, in went the fruit trees. Out came the moldy back room, in went a high roof beam and lofted bedroom. In came the chickens, in came the dinner parties, in came the mound of compost as big as a whale. In came joy, focus, love and a lifelong project. Am I that brave? Could I also create such a thing?