Okay, I am going to buy a house in Portland. For three reasons. One, I am ready to invest; to nest, raise animals, grow food, and maybe have a child- I am ready to create a home. Two, if ever one was going to buy property, now is the time. And three, I am buying it in Portland because I live here now. And because number one and two are happening now, and Portland is happening now, Portland wins. I still possess general misgivings about this city but for the next five years?, it is just right.

Last week Kenya and I checked out a cute but generic little house on a busy street. The selling point was its backyard - a double lot stretching back 150 feet, grassy and flat. I want to live communally but in separate dwellings ala The Compound so a large chunk of land where I can build studios and cabins is necessary.

I don't think that house is decrepit enough for me and my stuff. I want us to match.