It started with my very first collection. The store orders had gone out but there were still the overcuts of each style, all stacked in boxes and crowding the house. "Oooh, I love this one..." "Oh Emilyn, you  should just try it on, it would look so good on you..." and before long this tradition of trying on the overcuts became a celebrated event.

Each season, my friends, and friends of my friends, and eventually just friends of Filly get together and try everything on. How fun! How comfortable! How unusual to "shop" this way. And ultimately, how satisfying for all of us: I get an opportunity to meet my customers and see the clothes on bodies! They get to meet the person who made the clothing and access to every style and color. We call it Friends of Filly and it is now the most rewarding part of my job- an intimate gathering of Filly faithfuls and a really good time (chocolate, tea, and naked bods!)