I am treating Bello with a homeopathic remedy called Thuja, or Tree of Life. In humans it is used to treat loneliness that manifests in the form of eating disorders such as binging or anorexia, dry hair, early greying, fatty tumors and skin tags, over concern with one's appearance, eagerness to please, and sarcomas!!! First indicators that this is the correct remedy will be changes in hair texture and a less pleasing attitude. Changes in the tumors will come a bit later.  Today I noticed that his hair was indeed silkier and this observation was confirmed by Sarah and Adam!

It feels incredible to put my energy and love into healing. Up to this moment I have simply been subjecting Bello and myself to more and more bad news and a dire prognosis. Now I am looking, everyday, for improvement. I am expecting and hopefully manifesting health and longevity.