(filly heart) Bonsi Francesco Dizionario Ragionato di Veterinaria teorico-practica Tomo I 1795 Wow! I am impressed and moved by the comments left for me regarding the "done" post. THANK YOU!!!

Do you need Filly, do you want Filly, is Filly essential?

-Definitely, this is important work! I love Filly. The clothes make me feel wonderful. I wear them to work, at home, everywhere. Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

-yes yes yes.. filly has improved my life and made me feel comfortable and confident.

-when i wear filly, i feel more comfortable in my own skin.

-is it important to be comfortable, wearing second skin, feeling alive and beautiful and free all at once? is it important to create what can be useful for chasing children, going to the workplace, going for a cocktail…and all in the same day and same get-up…feeling great? in the spirit of beauty, grace, love and intention…i say what you do is lovely, amazing and important. life is expression.

-I think in the long run you have to ask yourself – do you create the response you’re going for in the world with your work? Does that response sustain you, fulfill you? Can you think of any way to do that differently that would sustain and fulfill you more? I know it’s hard to be an environmentalist who likes to design pretty dresses and dream about fabric. Personally – I find you to be a kindred apparel design spirit – trying to make more than pretty dresses and my appreciation for that is more than you know! Best Wishes.

-I have a pair of Filly pants that I got at a Santa Cruz craft fair, and they remind me of that amazing creative place and those wonderful creative people, and they are the most amazingly freeing piece of clothing I have. I’m asked about them nearly every time I wear them, which is often (once a week, maybe) and so I’m able to pass on the very basic concept that yea, people can make clothes. People, not only machines. And those people can potentially have fun and give fun in the making. So yea, I feel good about all the extra happiness and creativity that one creative and happy person can deliver by doing what she loves. !!

-Who cares if it’s important. Life is not worth living if I can’t wear a pretty dress.

-Well Filly is so important to me that it feels silly to even be asked the question. Clothes that feel good, move well, and look good too are EXTREMELY important to all people. The way your clothes behave during a day has an enormous effect on your perspective of the world and yourself. Ill fitting, ill looking clothes are the perfect recipe for a negative perspective on one’s entire life. Is that clear enough?