dsc_2939 So here we are- a cold Thursday afternoon under the Fremont Bridge. Every week Adam and I spend four hours observing a pair of Peregrine Falcons for the Portland Audubon. It is an exhilarating experience... when they do anything beyond sitting on a steel girder and preening. When one or - heaven rejoice - two take flight, we are suddenly in a mild panic trying to follow their progress: binoculars to our faces, running for a better angle, getting confused as to which one went where, and then settling in to watch the new one on the girder.

However, there are unexpected thrills in between flights. Today it was the arrival of Allan the Danish man riding the same motorcycle that Adam rides. Only in silver and totally cherried-out. I love this picture because it is in this moment that the Peregrine would make his or her move. I am surprised I don't see a falcon behind us in the sky.