Mattress on the floor, staring up at a new ceiling. I have moved a lot this last year. And this night was by far the most relaxed and comforting. This house is soothing. I love the sounds it makes and the way it smells. I love cooking on the gas stove and sitting at the long dinning room table to eat my meal. I am renting two rooms  one small to sleep in and one big with south facing windows to design in. I like the way the design studio is coming together and I am excited to create Fall 09 in this space. I picked up a large old black wooden table and the floors are painted black. But the furniture is dull white and the walls are dusty apricot. I think the black and red accents against the neutral, muted pastel background will serve me well. Dramatic yet earthy. Severe but grounded in craft. Serious and meaningful. It is raining here but it is ok, I am looking forward to staying in.

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