Bello and I moved the last of the studio out of the airstream and into a beautiful huge old yellow house nearby. I am sharing this new space with Emily Kingan of Failure of Industry and Michelle Klein of Snap Design. On the ground floor Kenneth is running a made-to-order couture house. (Longhaul by Frances Cycles) The old house sits in the middle of a meadow and gets great light from all directions. I personally look North and West; north toward the Columbia River and west toward the Portland hills where the sun sets. (notice bello on the right, ready to go home)

I can't believe what a difference it makes to work somewhere else, not in my home. I actually get dressed for the day and leave the house. I pack a lunch. I work when I am at the "office" and I don't work when I get home.... ingenious!

And the airstream now seems huge inside. Not sure what to do with so much space. Dance party I guess.